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Monday, February 15, 2010

Waiting For Spring

This past Friday the powers that be closed down the schools for "in climate" weather. I guess they didn't want to use the S word but it was a snow day. Probably the first snow day in my 13 years living in the south. We had sleet mixed with rain and some fat snow flakes mixed with rain. Enough to flood the yard. As I trudged through the yard and cleared the back drains it hit me, normally this would have been the time of year I get excited. Time to plant soon! I would have normally scoured the seed catalogues which at this time come once or twice a week, seeds would have been ordered in January and I would have had seedlings in trays. Too many, of course, and I would be giving plants away the first week of March to neighbors. Talk about letting winter get the best of me! Poor Will's Almanac said something about the 15th being the last worry of frost for most of the region.... we'll see, it sure is cold out there. My cabbage is still growing strong and today would be the perfect day to plan out what I will plant, when will be another matter but maybe I will have a hand at succession planting. I did that with the peppers last year. Soon this long, cold, record breaking winter will be behind us so for the next few days I will have this image dancing in my head:

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