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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Goodbye Winter Blahs

This was a beautiful weekend on the coast. My trees are budding and today I got my rear in gear and got some things accomplished. I pulled up some old dead plants out of the garden beds from the winter garden, cabbage and Jerusalem artichokes still going, and then I entered the greenhouse. Depressing. Two of my non-variegated spider plants lived, that's the bright side. After disposing of the bodies, I set out to work. I planted in pots more avocado pits, my two gorgeous avocado plants froze, and set out to pot the blueberry bushes to establish a stronger root base. I have four, a Rabbit Eye Tifblue, a Rabbit Eye Climax, a Highbush Jubilee and a Highbush Misty. They are 2 year plants. This week I hope to start seeds, I'm a little late on that and maybe snag some tomato plants. I also evicted a two year old oak out of the greenhouse that I had been growing thanks to the squirrel family in my live oak, and am thrilled it made it through the winter. It will be a gift to a friend of ours who wants more trees surrounding the house on his homestead. I had taken pictures to share but today my computer does not feel like reading my camera card. I wonder how well a computer tower would work as a planter hmmmm.....


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Wow, it sounds like your greenhouse is serving you well! How exciting! Have a great time at the symposium. I hope we hear lots about it and get to see lots of pics!

Anonymous said...

I have planned for a long time to set up a booth at our next church fair. I will get computr keyboards that are non repairable and a hammer. Three wacks for a dollar. My wife works on a computer every day and says she'l be first in line

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