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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Bed

The new garden bed in the neighbors yard has been tilled up and will be re tilled soon. My beds are part of the way tilled. Seed potatoes have to go in...soon. I didn't get to go to the farm supply this time around and I think that it was on purpose. I love the farm supply store and wander around there for a while. Plus I have been threatening everyone with baby chicks so no one was going to take a chance on me going lol. Seedlings are doing well and by the end of the week I will have plants to put in the ground. Usually by now I worry that things will sell out fast but I think as anxious as everyone is to get going with their gardens they are taking their time and letting things heal after the cold winter. The weather has been nice during the day and cool at night. It has been perfect weather for the clothesline we put in last year and I smile every time I take a load of laundry off the line knowing Didn't have to pay the electric company for it. I am still decluttering the house..I think things breed in the house when no one is looking. I am optimistic about this years garden and that it will yield enough to give me an excuse to buy a pressure canner. Maybe a dehydrator.
Looking at current events, the President thinks the Tea Party people are wrapped around a core group looking to take him down. I don't think ever before has a President so outwardly ridiculed, not congress, but actual Americans who did not agree with him and to try to tie it in as a conspiracy theory is an insult. He did it during his campaign and he has continued to do that throughout his time in office. We have a bailout that is not straightened out, we have health care issues, a war and this is what he is worried about. I've been to one tea party meeting..all races, all ages, children playing, no racial slurs, no violence and no death threats. I think Haley Barbour doing a great job calling out the media for giving the Obama administration the longest wet sloppy kiss in regards to health care.
There will be some parts of this you are going to scratch your head about with this post and I have to apologize. Blogger is not being very helpful today.

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