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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Looking back and looking forward...

I am amazed at how much information has been shared in over a years time. I was thinking about that this morning as I looked over the garden beds and had to smile. Squirrels have been curious, their tracks are evident around the garden plants. How far have you come in being more self-reliant? I am a far cry from that kid from Queens who used coupons to stock up and made end tables out of bulk boxes of toilet paper. I have lost my taste for store bought produce and processed foods. Neighbors seeing us prepare our new bed and tilling up our old ones had them curious at first, but mostly now think we are crazy for putting so much work into our garden. Looking ahead, I don't see the work that had to go into it as much as I see my freezer and pantry full of food for my family. Not having unsecure debt and keeping up my house provides me with some piece of mind.
Being on APN has also given me piece of mind. What little experience I have at being more self-sufficient shared with those more knowledgeable than I has been great! Help is just a post or phone call away. To everyone who comments, keep it up! You are what keeps us going!
After this long, cold winter both moderators and readers alike, had their share of challenges not just because of the weather but in our personal lives as well. On the main APN board one of our New York moderators needs help, swing over and take a look and if you are able to, lend a hand.
I think the mission here is still the same, we are still uncertain economically. We don't know what taxes will come, only that they will come. Hurricane season still starts in June, and jobs....well you all know how that can or can't go.
I promise more informative posts will come I think I am so thrilled to be out in the warm sun that I have hit a bout of reflection lol. I know I have hit a bout of sun burn and have already been eaten alive by gnats...at Walmart none the less!
As I walked back to the house this morning I looked over my lemon tree. A lot of you heard me whine all winter that I was going to lose it. Well...new leaves are coming and I have blossoms already. We preppers are a tough lot, don't think for a moment we are down and out..we are just waiting for spring lol.
Before I forget, I swung by the opening of the Biloxi Farmers Market. There were some vendors with the promise of more and I did buy some tomatoes, zucchini and I splurged (it was a big splurge) on some local honey and butter. Everyone there was pleasant and it was a pleasure to be there. They also had a huge assortment or bushes, plants, herbs and vegetable plants. It's every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 6 a.m. go early for the best selection.

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