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Thursday, May 20, 2010

From Near the Murky Waters

Our neighbors over at Bay St.Louis, now have visible, detectable oil. Some people are doubting we will get any on our beach, but maybe that is just being hopeful. So far our waters here will be open 20 miles out for another week. Lawyer ads are just flooding the television and air waves. BP is juggling the situation as fast as they can. A friend attended the four hour training, and I quote "that trains you for nothing." There is a sense of - we have to do something, when all we can do is wait. I think for the most part we are used to disasters that come quick, inflict damage, then go. We are resilient in our efforts to clean up and rebuild but a slow moving disaster well, I think some are ready to jump out of their skins.
On a non-related note, who has a garden in? How's it going? All this rain has made the garden spring up, fill in and produce. I have already been pulling peppers and tomatoes, squash and eggplants look very promising.

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Ken said...

...yep,"trains them for nothing",gotta say they have spent all that money on sumthin'...

...potted 'maters and peppers doin'good,(no 'real' garden again this year)...anyway,had some fried green tomatoes earlier in the week,lookin' forward to a BLT real soon

Ken said...

...just had my BLT...on toast...lol,got to thinkin' bout the coast,hopes and prayers yer way.

Outraged Patriot said...

Hi Mississippi, I write for South Dakota preppers and came across an article about troops being sent to your state and thought I'd pass it on. If its happening as the article says then your state should know and hopefully shed some light on it! here it is: http://www.prisonplanet.com/oblivious-to-oil-in-mississippi-possible-troops-in-louisiana.html
Great site by the way!

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