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Monday, June 28, 2010

Oil in Mississippi

In the paper the other day it was stated that if you go out to fish and your boat has oil on it, it will not be allowed back into the harbor. The back bay is going to get pretty crowded as well as the lakes. With the oil in the gulf, it has given a little spin to our hurricane weather forecasts. Usually we would be told to watch, wait and we just don't know for sure if it will go toward us or away from us. This time around they let us know early it wasn't going to be a threat. Clark Howard, a millionaire tightwad who has a show on the weekend told viewers if they wanted a cheap vacation to go to the gulf. Sure Clark, if they don't care about beaches and boats and possibly getting stuck in a tropical storm or hurricane that's going to make this oil spill an even greater hazmat nightmare. I don't want our economy to go down the tubes...again, but did the state really think the oil was never going to show up? Everyone is so busy with their CYA tactics that I am just disgusted with the whole thing. If you haven't thought of it already, I'd add a few bottles of Dawn dish washing detergent to your hurricane preps for the aftermath and that is not just for the coastline, if we get a tropical storm or hurricane it's going to carry this oil far and wide.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hot enough for you?

My garden looks like a jungle between combating weeds and my plants getting taller. Someone send some rain down! With our temps in the 90s and our heat index over 100 be careful out there! Some quick tips:

1) Stay inside during the hotest parts of the day.
2) Wear light loose fitting clothing and a sun hat.
3) Carry around and drink from the water bottle frequently.
4) Add a little more salt to your diet.

If I am not out weeding before 9 a.m. it's a bust for me, too hot. Some people are more sensitive to the heat than others so you need to be aware of how your body reacts. My neighbor yelled over "Hot enough for you?" I had to let him know it isn't this hot in hell lol. But oddly enough in the heat if you work with yarn, crochet, knit, weave, this is the time you want to work on things for the winter. I can crochet but am patiently trying to knit. It makes me crazy to think I can't do something and this is the umpteenth time I have started to knit.
Anyway, becareful and stay cool!
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Catching up

I apologize for my lack of posting, I can't believe it's been so long!
As the state officials cry "the Coast is Clear", a friend of mine came in off his boat the other day to say there is oil in Pascagoula. The start of hurricane season has quite a few folks uneasy to say the least. A hurricane now would make the whole coastal area a toxic dump. The weather channel has been on the coast all week for "Hurricane Week" and has a lot of info on their site. Previous articles from Mississippi Preppers are to the right of this page under hurricanes. Sometimes though, you forget the simple things. One thing I forgot to suggest is to turn off your mains when you leave or when the storm hits. Turn off you main gas, water and electric. One home I know of didn't do this and didn't flood from the hurricane but the ice maker damaged everything.
As for the garden, things are coming in. Potatoes have been dug up, okra, eggplant, peppers, cherry tomatoes and squash have been filling the counter top here. Some of my varieties of smaller tomatoes got wilt but the rest are doing fine. Stink bugs have arrived and I've been diligent in spraying. I love this time of year, not just for the growing but for the sharing. Someone is always growing something someone else didn't and I've received cucumbers from one neighbor,and my fisherman neighbor brought me some beautiful trout the other day despite the oil spill.
We recently went on a trip to Missouri and the weather was wonderful. They have had a lot of rain before and after but on the way home we got to see a lot of tornado damage from a few weeks ago. I know we have hurricanes, but with tornadoes there is very little to no warning and a lot of destruction in a short time. It seem the oil spill has overshadowed out counties to the north and I hope they recover quickly.
On the plus side I finally got my deer meat lol.
I will post again soon and thank you for being patient! As always we are looking for writers and please leave your comments.

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