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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bleak Outlook

All week I have been reading about high unemployment rates and an unrecovering economy. I heard a story a little while back on how a company was denied by the government to contract with India to make some kind of generator which would have provided jobs and generate millions because it wasn't green. Demand for our wheat is going up because Russia is holding on to theirs. Which is fine I guess, but if more wheat is sold overseas, how much will our prices go up to buy wheat? Big manufacturers are already expecting to increase prices of their goods because the price of purchasing commodities is going up. Economists are predicting less jobs than originally thought and don't see an increase until mid 2011....
Have we hit rock bottom yet? I don't think so. But it might rush up to meet us soon. But, we will be just fine, we know how long Lindsay Lohan was in jail, and the problems with the latest phone from Apple and how much Chelsea Clinton's wedding cost.

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