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Monday, August 9, 2010

What Kind of Food Should You Store??

There is the main rule, store what you eat and eat what you store. So you have a list of what you and your family eat. Which route do you take? Freeze dried? Dehydrated? Regular canned food? What seeds should I have on hand?
There is a growing trend of families living off their #10 cans of freeze dried food. Which is good, right? Store what you eat, eat what you store. There are recipe books devoted to cooking with large cans of food, which I think is great. My concern is the higher sodium content of freeze dried/dehydrated foods and long term health effect. For natural disasters, or shorter term needs these options are fine and should be included in your food storage preps. If you are thinking of a "oh no, the shtf" outcome, I think that being lucky to come out on the other side of it, you should think of a way to survive it without added health risk specially if you are there all ready. You can store your own preps. Large bags of grain can be frozen for a day and packed in critter proof containers or vacuum packed. I have a food sealer that works great for this, you can grow and can your own produce, and you can rotate regular store stock cans of food. This is mostly what I do. I don't think that just going one route is the answer and you should consider all options before investing heavily in your food preps.
Now seeds. Should I store seeds? Yep. Same thing grow what you eat, eat what you grow. More so with seeds if you have a limited garden area or container garden. Do your homework, know what grows best in your region and when. Over to the left I have a link floating around there somewhere for the Mississippi Extension Service website and they are an excellent resource. I have a link for succession planting here! When buying freeze dried seeds look for one that has mostly what you eat, but when you can eat it. You would want to look for a combination of 30 day and 60 day crops for a smaller plot and 30,60,90(120) days for large plots. Apartment dwellers need to look up best seeds for container gardens, so many things can grow in containers and, in a big shtf scenario, seeds can be used for trade and currency.
What if we get nuked?? Well, stock up on your #10 cans. Rotate often. If we make it through, I'll be looking for you, probably with less teeth and hair and an unnatural glow but we'll all start over together.

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