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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Food, Clothes and Gas

Food, clothing and gas all going up.  I've been mentioning this on and off in previous posts.  I hope that you are buying as cheap as you can and stocking up.   It's warming up Mississippi!  Time to get it ready and get it in the ground.  While you are doing that make a side list of what you will need to store and process what you are growing when it comes in.  Need more bags, buckets, canning jars or lids?  Make a list and look for sales. 
Clothes?  Even if it means buying fewer items, buy well made, sturdy clothes.  Hang them on the line to dry, the clothes drier eventually eats more than socks.
Gas?  Watch your prices and drive where you need to go. 
With prices rising, I would try to stock as much as you can hold, as cheaply as you can.  I would save living off your stores completely without rotation for when you truly have to.  I know that this is my opinion but I don't think we have seen the end of the price hike.
Ammo, another thing I would stock up on this year, why?  Next year is an election year and we all know what that does to ammo pricing and shortages. 

I've been looking around to see what everyone else is doing/writing about this also.
To expand your garden horizons check out Arizona Prepper.  
Need to start a pantry?  See Vermont Prepper.
Prep on the cheap?  Texas Prepper has you covered.

Now on food shortages..Kellene Bishop is writing a series on this on Preparedness Pro that I don't think you will want to miss.

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