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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gardening Space

Here in the south we are are known for our beautiful trees.  Magnolias, Water and Live Oaks and the dreaded popcorn trees.  I have four beautiful trees on my property but when you are trying to garden as much as possible they do get in the way.   Oaks are slow to grow, but they do grow.  In planning my garden one bed was placed too close to a Water Oak.  Even though I have had several years growing in this bed this will be the last year and only half will be used.  Next year I will lose my neighbors plot and my more fertile bed.   I'm not discouraged though,  where there is a will...
I am hoping to have constructed by the end of the growing season this year several smaller beds and will use more containers.   When I lose my potato bed I will be growing in either barrels or tires. 

Vegetables that can grow in containers are:
Green onion
Leaf Lettuce

Vertical options are:
Green Beans

Keywords in seed shopping for smaller varieties are:  dwarf, compact, tiny, space saving, small, bush and slim.

Space under trees in the winter, when the leaves are shed, can serve for a greenhouse for winter growing.  Here in the south you would have to treat it as a short growing season though.  Some people have also grown mushrooms in the shade.  As always explore your possibilities.

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