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Monday, September 19, 2011

What is our unemployment and poverty rate?

The latest Census Bureau puts us at 15.1 percent poverty level.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics puts us at 9.1 percent unemployed.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics had us at 9.6 percent for last year.   Since January of 2011 they expanded their data to include people unemployed for up to five years instead of two and our unemployment rate is 9.1 percent?  Our poverty level is a new record high since 1993.  In 1993 our unemployment rate was 6.8 percent  down from 7.4 percent in 1992 with a poverty rate of 14.3, and our poverty rate was 14.4 percent in 1992.   I understand that population increases will effect numbers from 1990's until now.  But here is the breakdown as I see it:

Census poverty level....................15.1%
Unemployment ............................  9.1%

Census poverty level....................14.3%
Unemployment.............................  9.3

How do they contact people who have been unemployed for up to five years?

I guess this is why I will never have a career in statistical analysis.

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Marica said...

Go here for the table of poverty level guidelines by year: http://aspe.hhs.gov/poverty/figures-fed-reg.shtml

Go here for a list of inflation rates by year: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/inflation-rates-by-year.html

Go here for an inflation calculator: http://www.westegg.com/inflation/infl.cgi

I didn't wade through the slew of explanations about how the poverty line is determined, but here's my observation. No matter what years you are comparing and adjusting for inflation, the poverty line (income below which you are "poor") is increasing at a rate that outpaces inflation.

The poverty line in 1993 for one individual was $6970. Adjusted for inflation, that translates to $10382 in 2010 dollars, which is less than $10830. I know, I know, it's not that much less, and I have no way to test the reliability of the inflation calculator, but still... .

One way to increase federal government is to increase the number of people who supposedly "need" the federal government.

And another thing-- we live in a poor state. When was the last time you really saw starving children on the street corner waving tin cans?

Anyway-- hope you're doing well down there! Nice that it's cooled off a bit, isn't it?

Aggie said...

Thank you for the links! Another factor is what they consider to be poverty. One site suggested if you own one car, have only one computer, cell phone, etc., you are below the poverty level. You are right we live in a poor state, you don't see children waving tin cans they go to an office now for that. I am loving the weather I wish we could keep it year round. How is life on the homestead??

Marica said...

And you saw the other study asking questions such as, "How often do your children go to bed hungry?" I do not doubt for one minute that there are folks who don't have satellite t.v. and also try very hard to make ends meet but just cannot through no fault of their own. But I don't believe there are as many as we are being told.

Farm is good. I have a bumper crop of winter squash coming in. I harvested one sweet potato squash the other day that was 15 lbs.! How's your garden?

Aggie said...

I firmly believe that there are people who live in poverty and are doing the best they can and that the numbers are much higher than projected. I've been there and know it's not easy. We have squash, pumpkins and we are trying a small fall crop of potatoes. A 15lb sweet potato? LOL I hope you took a picture! This will probably be the last year for a garden for a while.

Marica said...

"This will probably be the last year for a garden for a while."


Aggie said...

It has to do with my location more than anything. I will still be container gardening and am looking at hydroponics or aquaponics.

Ken said...

...i for one,have never trusted or believed 'their' numbers...i do however know what i see,and it's bad,has been bad a long time now,and gettin'worse...


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