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Thursday, January 12, 2012


by talon2012

Are you Crazy!!!!!

Hey man, what are you doing?
I’m planting my garden.
Well your garden can wait I got tickets to the big game today.
I can’t man I got to get this planted...
Man. You’re crazy you’re going to miss the biggest game of the season.

Storms happen when you least expect them, sometimes from your neighbor or your family. You try to explain why you do the things you do over and over again. Still they think you’ve lost your mind. How do you explain that there is a need to prepare for the unexpected emergency? Let’s step back and take a look at what you do.

You stock pile food, you have all these storage building in your yard, you build fires with no matches maybe even practice building traps too. These are all violable survival traits, and good things to know. Just imagine you are in someone else’s shoes and don’t know about prepping for an emergency. You would think it was crazy too. Trying to tell some people to prep for an emergency is like talking to a brick wall.

Can you remember why you started to prep? Was it because you were involved in an emergency before, or did someone you know tell you to get a survival kit.

Most of us know that we are supposed to have at least three days of non perishable food on hand. Do your friends or family know that, or do they even care. The scenario above actually happened. He got mad because I wanted to plant my garden said I was crazy for missing a game, but when harvest time came around asked me for some of my tomatoes, I always have more than I can use so spread the wealth so to speak. I asked him why he doesn’t plant a small garden in his yard; his answer was he didn’t want to mess up his lawn. I think to myself can you eat that lawn. But should I think he’s crazy for not prepping for some unknown emergency? Likewise should he think I’m crazy for doing what I do, of course not? It’s obvious that he doesn’t truly know or understand why I prep.

Sometimes having to explain our prepping priorities makes us feel make uncomfortable or ashamed or just plan foolish, answering questions about prepping cuts in to our time. That is something that preppers and survivalist don’t have time for do we. We are like ants always working for what might happen, This past spring during the great flood of 2011, We lost our home, so did my friends, we had a camper to live in, so No shelter for us, my friend did not. We had food clothes, my friend only had what they could carry. I saw him in town the other day and he told me he had bought a camper with the money he received from fema, but he said he goes through two bottles of propane every four days. I told him one bottle will last me a month maybe longer.

Because I cook out and use solar heat oil lamps so I don’t use much propane. Guess what now he’s interested. All the years before he called me crazy.

Now he wants to know about this stuff, funny how it took a disaster to wake him up.
All of a sudden I’m Mr. Amazing. Question is do I have time to help him. The answer to that is a big NO. Will I let him and his family go broke on propane electric bills and such the answer again is No. So what will I do? Give him something that will last a lifetime…….. KNOWLEDGE…… tell him where to go for help. Take him hunting and fishing when I go. Show him my solar heater and cooker Make prepping understandable and he will be able to help himself.

I’ve made it a priority to tell someone about being prepared everyday. That’s what Noah did in the bible, he told them the flood was coming. But they didn’t listen until the water was up to there necks. The point is tell someone, whether or not they care. You should see some of the peoples faces when I ask standing in line at the grocery store, I’ll say hello, I was wonding if you had at least three days of food stored for an emergency, or I’ll ask do you know where your flashlight is or extra batteries. They really do look at you like your crazy, but it gets them thinking. They may think I’m crazy for asking but I’ve done the exact thing Noah did I’ve planted a seed in there mind that will make them think about being prepared in an emergency. Who’s crazy now huh, Try it the next time you have a chance. Have a few cards or flyers with some links and maybe some survival advise too help them, because

What you say and do just might have saved that persons life in the future.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great post and so true! When speaking about being prepared, especially to Christians, the response I get is "I am saved will be taken in the rapture, so I don't have to worry about it."

I always respond with "Sure you will, but what if it isn't the rapture? Look at all the natural disasters that have occurred within the last several years and the needless suffering from those who were not prepared.

And, doesn't God help those who help themselves and others? We are to be watchful, wise and prudent people, regardless. Even our ancestors stored back food to make it through the winter...

As you said, just the mention of it gives food for thought...

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